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monster's menu

At the heart of the menu you'll find our four traditional award winning pies. They're all made with love and attention in the midlands using the finest ingredients to make sure each and every one of them is sensational. Do we have a favourite? No, we love them all the same but are rather proud of our Vegetarian pie that was awarded a Silver at the 2017 British Pie Awards.

angus steak 

If you love a steak pie this is for you. Packed from base to lid with the best quality Angus Steak and a succulent gravy.

lamb, potato & mint

A pie filled with flavour stuffed with lamb married up with mint and potato. It's nearly a Sunday dinner.

chicken & ham
A chicken lovers dream pie filled with the best quality chicken and succulent ham 

Chedder, stilton & onion

Perfect for our vegetarian customers and a very tasty option for all. Crammed full of flavour - irresistible! 

don't leave your pie lonely on the plate


Though our pies are delicious on their own, the magic happens when you add the things that make a meal you can't refuse.


mashed potatoes

The mash is made from Maris Piper potatoes with the skin left on to keep the goodness in, oozing with butter and double cream.

marrowfat mushy peas 

It says it in the name... peas are soaked then boiled to get to the perfect mushiness.

monster gravy 

We cook up our secret recipe gravy several times a day to make sure that it's rich and just right when served with each and every Monster pie.

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